The right combination for success

RUAG Defence has won a contract from the Federal Office for Defence Procurement (armasuisse) to develop 14 disinfection and sterilisation systems of the latest generation and integrate them into mobile containers....

The seven disinfection and seven sterilisation systems being developed over the course of the project will be used by the Swiss Armed Forces medical corps. They will assure the Forces’ own disinfection and sterilisation capacity for all contingencies. As mobile versions, the systems are unique in that they are just as effective as stationary facilities.

In this project, the Defence division is taking on a complete programme: as well as the development and integration aspects, RUAG is also conducting the testing and qualification of the overall systems. The Defence division started work on this programme in the fourth quarter of 2018, and the systems will be delivered by 2022.

The customer was particularly impressed with the combination options and number of variants offered by RUAG Defence’s product range. The division’s final offer was thus a winner not only in terms of service, quality, costs and delivery time, but also because RUAG Defence works as a general contractor together with two specific partners: with one partner for the medical and one for the container systems, the customer’s specifications are fully met.

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