Sniper ammunition for the Austrian Armed Forces

​​​​​​​RUAG Ammotec in Thun has developed a new high-specification militarised .338 LM sniper round for the Austrian Armed Forces....

The Austrian Armed Forces have been among RUAG Ammotec’s customers since 2004. In the last five years, this customer relationship has expanded considerably and national subsidiary RUAG Ammotec Austria has convinced the Armed Forces of the effectiveness of a number of its products. Moreover, in November 2018 an official partnership was formed with the ‘Institut Jäger’ military training school. The goal of this partnership is to jointly promote knowledge-sharing on a wide range of levels, thus gaining a better understanding of each other and strengthening the necessity of national defence in the economy too.

Alongside assault rifle and pistol ammunition, the Austrian Armed Forces have also decided to use RUAG Ammotec’s high-precision, reliable sniper rounds. One particularly big challenge here was the specific acceptance criteria for the .338 LM sniper ammunition. Accordingly, RUAG Ammotec developed a new, sealed sniper round for this customer, tested in the extended NATO temperature range. The progressive production techniques and high production quality standards in place in Thun also proved effective in winning the customer over.

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