Third pillar for aerostructures

In 2019, the RUAG Aerostructures facility in Eger, Hungary will develop from an extended workbench into a fully-fledged, autonomous site.

RUAG Aerostructures in Eger has been producing high-quality aerostructure components since 2016. This was acknowledged, for example, by key-account customer Airbus at its latest visit to the site in December 2018. Over the past months, the Eger site – around 150 kilometres east of Budapest – has evolved very pleasingly. A key element in its current success is the so-called ‘Hungarian plateau’. This describes the grouping together in one location of all experts from different specialist functions. The clear advantage here is the ability to solve problems unbureaucratically and in a goal-driven, structured way. In the coming months, Eger will thus be able to develop from an extended workbench towards a fully-fledged, autonomous site.

This facility is already Aerostructures’ third pillar (alongside Oberpfaffenhofen in Germany and Emmen in Switzerland) and is thus strengthening the division’s ability to compete at the international level. In future, the plan is for the site to accept orders directly from customers and manufacture components in accordance with exact customer specifications as a ‘built-to-print’ supplier. Today Eger, for example, is manufacturing side shells, floor structures, pressure bulkheads and seat rails for the Airbus A320 family's section 15MLGB. For Bombardier, the site is putting together side shells for the CRJ family.

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