Trust for the future

RUAG Australia is building on its role as the manufacturing and MRO partner for the Australian and Malaysian air forces and positioning itself for the next generation of platforms....

The life cycle support and availability management of military aircraft demand extra-high levels of performance, quality and reliability, as well as a responsive and dedicated team. Equally important success factors are trust and the proximity to the customer. By consistently focusing on these cornerstones, RUAG Australia has been able to significantly increase its market share in the Asia-Pacific region.

The core business with the Royal Australian Air Force is based on a dynamic mix of component production, assembly and maintenance for selected platforms, such as the F/A-18 Classic Hornet, C-130 Hercules, S-70 Seahawk, Blackhawk and P-3 Orion. The positive relationship has recently led the Royal Australian Air Force to entrust RUAG Australia with full supply chain management for selected components. Similarly, the company is a strong partner to the Royal Malaysian Air Force, providing MRO services for many aircraft components. At the same time, RUAG Australia remains highly competitive in the export of manufactured components to international customers.

To generate sustainable solutions for customers, they also continue to create repair solutions using innovative additive manufacturing technologies, such as Supersonic Particle Deposition (SPD) and Laser Additive Deposition (LAD). 

With its excellent understanding of customer needs, along with a willingness to adapt and invest for the future, RUAG Australia positions itself as a reliable and innovative partner for the next generation of platforms, such as the F-35, the Super Hornet and others.

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