New standard for surfaces

The new surface treatment centre in Emmen is cutting costs, boosting quality and allowing RUAG to work with aircraft components of up to 7 metres in length.

With the commissioning of the new surface treatment facility, RUAG Aerostructures completes its expertise in single-item production for the aviation industry at its Emmen site. The facility is the linchpin of the surface treatment centre, which also has a crack detection facility and paint shop. It can handle workpieces of up to 7 metres long, 2.3 metres high, and 1 metre deep in an integrated process covering pre-treatment, coating, testing and painting.

The centre is regarded as the most advanced of its kind in Europe, and is setting new standards in terms of quality, cost and throughput times. Many of the job steps are fully automated, which not only makes manufacturing considerably faster and cheaper but also raises the quality level. RUAG has invested a total of CHF 23 million in setting up the new surface treatment facility. This brings the total investment in the Emmen site since 2010 to over CHF 65 Million.

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