Getting better together

With maintenance activities for tracked vehicles, the Armed Forces Logistics Organisation and RUAG Defence are implementing their first so-called Joint Maintenance arrangement....

Both the Armed Forces Logistics Organisation (AFLO) and partners from industry have a hand in maintaining the systems used by the Swiss Armed Forces. In order to master the ever more complex challenges encountered in this work, the Armed Forces are seeking among other things to systematically improve cooperation between the partners involved. The main objectives of the so-called Joint Maintenance approach are to achieve a targeted exchange of know-how, exploit synergies and optimize processes. At the bottom line the aim is to increase efficiency, cut costs and sustainably improve quality.

The first such arrangement relates to the maintenance work on the tracked vehicles of the Leopard 2 family and the Spz 2000. With the renewal of the multi-year SLA, certain maintenance tasks, which from the coming year onwards will fall within the scope of the major periodic maintenance packages, will be carried out by the Armed Forces Logistics Organization (AFLO) and RUAG Defence Land Systems together under the Joint Maintenance approach. The two partners agreed on the areas where Joint Maintenance would be implemented in the course of an evaluation Project.

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