The 2017 financial year

Net Sales
CHF 1955 m
(5.2 %)
CHF 119 m
(-21.5 %)
Net Profit
CHF 89 m
(–22.8 %)
(5.2 %)

Letter to shareholders

RUAG’s sales outstripped the previous year. However, isolated one-off events reduced profitability. The outlook is promising, thanks in part to investments in the high-growth US market. RUAG generated 56 % of its total sales in the civilian sector. Its most important customer remains the DDPS, accounting for 31 % of sales.
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RUAG Aviation Annual Key Image Report 2017

Key figures and key events

With net sales of CHF 1,955 million (previous year: CHF 1,858 million), RUAG once again topped its record prior-year performance — this time by 5.2 %. Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) fell to CHF 119 Million (CHF 151 million). However, the technology Group was unable to uphold last year’s record result.
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RUAG Defence Annual Key Image Report 2017

The division's business year

Four out of the five divisions operated profitably. The Defence Division closed the year with a loss, however. As a result, RUAG as a whole was unable to achieve its budgeted earnings targets. Positive surprises came from the Space division and the Real Estate service unit, both of which surpassed the high expectations set for them.
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"It is gratifying that growth has remained strong. However, profitability decreased because of a number of isolated events.  Appropriate action has been initiated in all areas and corrective measures taken."

Urs Breitmeier, CEO RUAG Group

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