Upgrade for combat training centres

To ensure that the Swiss Armed Forces are able to keep benefiting from state-of-the-art training facilities, RUAG Simulation & Training is modernising the central IT systems in the control stations of its two combat training centres....

Swiss soldiers have the opportunity to train for combat situations under live conditions at two training centres operated by the Swiss Armed Forces: one in Bure and the other at the base in Walenstadt/ St. Luzisteig. These locations provide access to laser shooting simulators, which are carried by the soldiers and installed on weapons systems and vehicles. There, they are given access to laser shooting simulators that are designed to be carried and installed on weapons systems and vehicles. The two combat training centres welcome everyone from individual infantry troops and grenadiers through to entire infantry, tank and mechanised infantry companies.

The fully networked control stations are at the very heart of these training centres. They provide a single system platform to which all the simulation facilities and sensors are connected, and which enables data to be exchanged between participants in exercises, vehicles and other objects. Centralised systems of this nature bear the name EXCON, or Exercise Control. They have now been on the scene for around 15 years, which means that some parts of the platform have reached the end of their envisaged lifetime.

Over the next few years, RUAG Simulation & Training will be undertaking a multi-stage process of overhauling hardware and software components in the platforms. From 2025 onwards, all the systems will then have been restored to the state of the art – enabling them to provide full training support for soldiers and officers.

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