The 2023 financial year

Net Sales
620 m
(CHF 945 m)
CHF 28 m
( CHF 178 m)
Order Intake
CHF 651 m
(CHF 1043 m)
Employees (FTE)
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Shareholders' letter

RUAG International was able to realize all milestones with the divestments of the non-space-related business units in 2023. The transformation of Beyond Gravity into a commercially successful and digitalized space company in all business areas is also progressing according to plan.
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Key figures

Due to substantial company divestments in 2023 and 2022 (including RUAG Ammotec), the key figures are only comparable to a limited extent. Net sales, 96% of which came from civilian activities, fell to CHF 620 million (previous year: CHF 945 million) and EBIT to CHF 28 million (CHF 178 million). Adjusted for divestment and foreign currency effects, sales increased by CHF 62 million compared to the previous year.
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Clamp Band Linköping


In 2023, RUAG International transformed itself into a space market-focused international supplier by selling its aerostructures business. The financial year was characterized by an inflationary market environment and strained supply chains. At the same time, investments were made in the expansion of production and the digital future of the space business.
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CEO André Wall

André Wall, CEO of RUAG International, credits the success of the privatization in particular to the employees: "Their commitment, loyalty and excellent work have enabled us to get through this phase smoothly and to find sustainable follow-up solutions for our employees and customers."

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Key events in 2023

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