Dutch police rely on ammunition from RUAG Ammotec

RUAG Ammotec has been the ammunition supplier of choice to the Dutch police force (Politie) for more than 40 years. Now, RUAG has won another major contract thanks in part to the patented SINTOX FORENSIS priming composition....

Police forces need their ammunition to operate with precision and reliability even under extreme conditions. As customers, this means that they have a strict, extensive list of requirements to consider when they are placing orders.

The Dutch police are no exception. Their ammunition needs to be able to stop assailants in their tracks or prevent offenders from fleeing a scene – but it also has to rule out the risk of overpenetration wherever possible. In addition to other technical requirements and the need for its ammunition to be free from heavy metals, the police force considers forensic technology relating to ballistics to be of vital importance. RUAG Ammotec’s patented SINTOX FORENSIS priming composition provides this by using special non-volatile powder trace elements.

The tender process saw RUAG Ammotec emerge victorious among the suppliers who participated. Over the next five years, it will ensure that the Dutch police are equipped with ammunition that provides the right solution to a range of terminal ballistics requirements in standard police operations.

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