Moving into the future through standardisation and testing

​​​​​​​In the aviation sector, nothing has a higher priority than safety. Through its management system becoming certified in line with EN 9100, the Aerostructures site in Hungary has reached an important milestone.

RUAG Aerostructures’ Hungarian production site has been an integral part of its capacity and action plan since 2017. Located in the city of Eger, the site has undergone continuous development in line with an in-depth plan – moving it from an extended workbench to a certified aviation enterprise. In October 2019, testing facility TÜV Nord confirmed that it had successfully made this huge step.

Gaining this certification, which was specifically developed for the aviation industry, now puts the site in a position to instil additional confidence in its customers and meet the requirements of aircraft manufacturers so that the company can be acknowledged as an independent manufacturing business. The certification is also a vital step in ensuring that the relevant authorities recognise the site as an independent manufacturing business.

Today, Eger manufactures side shells, floor structures, pressure bulkheads and seat rails. However, the Oberpfaffenhofen site in Germany still currently delivers structural parts to end customers as it is certified in line with EASA Part 21G. For the Eger site, obtaining EASA Part 21G approval is the final key hurdle – and one that it hopes to clear in 2020.

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