Professional partner to the Swiss Air Force

There is scarcely another armed force in the world that puts the F/A-18 Hornet through its paces as much as the Swiss Air Force. Switzerland’s airspace is tight, making missions within it an exceptionally difficult task for this aircraft....

Without precautionary structural reinforcements and ongoing preventative remedial measures during use, some of the Swiss Hornet’s structural parts that are exposed to particularly high levels of strain would surely have reached the end of their lifetime by now.

To keep the F/A-18 fleet up and running even in tough situations, RUAG MRO Switzerland has successfully forged a close partnership with the Swiss Air Force, the Armed Forces Logistics Organisation and armasuisse (the Federal Office for Defence Procurement). As a result, the company has also become a strategic technology partner to the Swiss Armed Forces in the field of protection of the Swiss airspace – a role to which it dedicates itself fully.

RUAG MRO Switzerland has access to data concerning all signs of fatigue in Switzerland’s F/A-18 aircraft. And thanks to international cooperation with other F/A-18 operators, it also receives information about fatigue issues that other fleets are facing. The findings that it gains from its numerous in-depth tests provide yet more valuable input.

RUAG MRO Switzerland’s comprehensive stock of expertise and its professional partnership with the Swiss Air Force provide a vital contribution to Switzerland’s security, ensuring that the force’s fleet continues to run without fail.

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