One calibre for every hunt

State-of-the-art technology is turning the traditional Graubünden hunting calibre into a Magnum round with an enormous variety of applications....

Not for nothing have generations of hunters in the Canton of Graubünden relied on the 10.3 calibre. The historic 10.3x60R rimmed cartridge delivers exceptionally high stopping power. In the last few years, however, additional standards in terms of firing distance, wind sensitivity or versatility have arisen which exceed the capabilities of this 150-year-old ammunition. Now, together with RUAG Ammotec, passionate Graubünden hunter and designer Peter Vonow has developed a new 10.3 mm cartridge which combines the advantages of the traditional ammunition with the performance of modern cartridge technologies.

Combined with the legendary RWS case length of 68 mm, the 10.3 mm bullet diameter proved optimal for satisfying present-day hunting requirements while being comfortable for the user. This calibre is proving highly adaptable with respect to possible bullet weights, supporting weights from 11 to 26 grams.  This means that a single calibre can be used for all sizes of game. 

The first three bullet types with which the RWS 10.3 × 68 Mag. has been available since autumn 2017 are HIT, EVO GREEN and SPEED TIP PRO. The first customers have included both Graubünden and Finnish hunters.

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