10 important events in 2020




From CFO to CEO

At the beginning of the year, Urs Kiener, Chief Financial Officer, takes over ad interim as CEO of RUAG International. Urs Breitmeier, who held executive positions for 18 years – the last seven of them as CEO – is leaving the company.


Auf dem Weg zur Sonne (Copyright ESA-AOES)

On the way to the sun

In February, Solar Orbiter starts its journey to the sun. The satellite will take high-resolution images of the Earth and provide unprecedented insights into how it works. RUAG Space supplies the computer that controls the satellite, the insulation, and also the structure that provides stability.

Strategic adjustments

RUAG Aerostructures is realigning its three sites. In Emmen (CH), the focus is on surface treatments and complex technologies. In Oberpfaffenhofen (DE) the focus is on automation and in Eger (HU) the focus is on manual processing. In Emmen, a maximum reduction of 90 jobs is expected until 2021.



Unbundling completed

The Annual General Meeting resolves to change the name of the holding company from RUAG Holding Ltd to RUAG International Holding Ltd. This effectively completes the unbundling process. Both companies have been operating independently of each other since the beginning of 2020.


Gripen Pylon Nutzlastaufhängung

500 Gripen parts go into series production

After six years of development and industrialisation, RUAG Aerostructures reaches a significant milestone with the final acceptance of the flight suitability test for the first payload suspension of the Saab Gripen E/F. Series production of 500 payload suspensions will now start.



Rocket nose tip “made in USA”

One of the largest transport aircraft in the world – an Antonov 124 – transports the last payload fairing “made in Emmen” for the American Atlas V launcher to the USA. In future, these payload fairings will be: “made in USA”. Emmen remains the centre of excellence for the European Ariane and VEGA launchers.



A321 XLR – bigger, longer, better

With the Airbus 321 XLR (extra long range), the aircraft manufacturer will be launching a new long-haul jet with more seats and better range onto the market from 2023. RUAG Aerostructures has been working on important structural parts since October 2020, and has also contributed to their design & development.

Response to the effects of COVID-19

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic are forcing RUAG International to accelerate and expand the transformation it has begun following the unbundling. Rigorous austerity measures and a reduction of up to 150 jobs, especially in support functions, are unavoidable by the end of 2021.




The RUAG International Board of Directors appoints André Wall as the new CEO. He takes over from the previous CFO Urs Kiener, who led the company ad interim after the departure of Urs Breitmeier.



Milestone for RUAG Aerostructures

RUAG Aerostructures in Hungary is approved by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as an independent manufacturing company – the second company in the entire country. This means that assemblies or structural parts can be integrated directly into aircraft at the Hungarian plant or delivered to customers.