The divisions' business year

In 2020, the operating business developed differently in the divisions – although the effects of the pandemic could be felt in all business segments. Special write-offs and provisions amounting to around CHF 160 million were the consequence and these weighed heavily on the company's results....

Net sales
CHF 277 m
(CHF 339 m)
CHF -21 m
(CHF 24 m)
Employees (FTE)

RUAG Space can look back on a challenging financial year. The COVID-19 pandemic led to delays in major space programmes and earnings that fell short of expectations. The segment strategy was adjusted to make better use of future market opportunities.

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RUAG Aerostructures

Tested and certified
Net sales
CHF 204 m
(CHF 300 m)
CHF -118 m
(CHF -22 m)
Employees (FTE)

All three sites of RUAG Aerostructures have been affected by the global crisis in the aviation industry. Measures have been taken at all sites to adapt activities to the changing situation. The approval of Eger as an independent manufacturing plant increases the flexibility of the entire company.

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RUAG MRO International

Simulators for the French Army
Net sales
CHF 179 m
(CHF 243 m)
CHF -76 m
(CHF -63 m)
Employees (FTE)

All three business units were affected by the COVID-19 crisis and did not perform according to expectations. The search for buyers willing to further develop the units was pursued with conviction. A buyer was already found for the Geneva and Agno sites in 2019. This was also achieved for the Oberpfaffenhofen site in 2020.

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RUAG Ammotec

A strong partner
Net Sales
CHF 487 m
(CHF 450 m)
CHF 24 m
(CHF 12 m)
Employees (FTE)

RUAG Ammotec is proving to be extremely robust, even in the COVID-19 crisis. Sales and earnings reached new record levels in 2020. The main drivers were the high-growth US business and ongoing strong demand in Europe.

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