Simulators for the French Army

The “Scorpion” land vehicle programme is considered one of the most ambitious military programmes in the recent history of the French land forces. RUAG MRO International, together with Agueris, was awarded the contract to supply the simulators for crew training and tactical training....


The programme includes the Griffon multipurpose vehicle, the Jaguar reconnaissance vehicle and the Leclerc tank. All vehicles are to be fully upgraded and networked with modern technology systems by 2025. On the one hand, this will make the more than 6,000 vehicles more agile and flexible and, on the other hand, guarantee a comprehensive overview of the situation on the battlefield.

Multi-purpose vehicle Jaguar SERKET is the new interoperable simulator for the Scorpion programme. It is specifically designed for training the various Scorpion platforms, their support systems and software packages. In September 2020, the SERKET contract was awarded to RUAG Simulation & Training and Agueris. RUAG MRO International develops, constructs, manufactures and integrates the simulators and provides longterm maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). Agueris designs the simulation scenarios and visualisations.