Realistic security exercises

Networks and even complex IT infrastructures are simulated at the Cyber Training Range with normal data traffic and cyber-attacks....

Hacker attacks against companies are becoming increasingly professional. To ensure proper decisions in an emergency and maximum business continuity, this demands a response not only from users and security specialists but also from management, which must be aware of possible consequences of attacks and train to respond to cyber incidents.

Since 2016, RUAG Defence has offered realistic training for operations managers, C-level executives and senior management at the Cyber Training Range. In its first year of operation, numerous cyber-security training programmes were designed and carried out for companies from a range of industries, operators of critical infrastructure and public-sector organizations.

In addition, RUAG Defence has acquired the UK-based cyber-security specialist Clearswift and strategically expanded its data security business. Leading data communications and storage/archiving products and solutions will be an ideal complement for RUAG Defence's newly created Cyber Security business unit. Furthermore, Clearswift's client base and global network of partners will be a substantial addition to the Defence division's portfolio. As a result, RUAG Defence is now an internationally positioned, dependable and trustworthy partner in the cyber-security field as well.

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