Partnership for a successful future

A long-term cooperation agreement clears the way for further product and production innova-tions for the next generation of the A320 family. ...

The Airbus A320 family is one of the most successful aircraft types in the history of aviation. Over 7000 of these aircraft have been delivered worldwide since 1988. As supplier of the rear fuselage section, floor, rear pressure bulkhead and side panels of the middle fuselage section, RUAG Aerostructures has more than just a substantial share in the success story so far. The company is also making sure the story is still far from over.

RUAG Aerostructures: Active support for the modernization of the A320 family

As strategic partner RUAG Aerostructures is actively involved in the continual modernization of the A320 family, providing innovative product solutions. And these efforts are paying off. There are currently over 5000 A320s on the order books. The significance of the partnership is underscored by a long-term cooperation agreement signed last July. The agreement smooths the way for future product and manufacturing innovations for the next generation of the A320 and for further systematic implementation of the best-cost strategy. By continually reducing production costs, RUAG Aerostructures contributes decisively to the lasting commercial success of the European single-aisle passenger aircraft.